Type of C-UAS
Intercept drone

Designed to be portable, deadly, and cost-effective, the DroneBullet is a fully autonomous multi-rotor using kinetic energy to intercept and defeat hostile drones. It can counter a single or a swarm of target drones entirely autonomously using proprietary onboard AI and advanced machine vision processing. The DroneBullet is a simple-to-operate, fire-and-forget, beyond visual line-of-sight counter-drone solution that can operate as a standalone unit or as part of any third-party drone detection system.

In May 2019, Jane’s reported AerialX was finalising the development of DroneBullet, “an intuitive, high-speed multi-rotor kinetic energy interceptor solution designed to counter small multirotor and fixed-wing UAS threats.”
DroneBullet has a take-off weight of 910 g, is 269 mm in length, and 160 mm in diameter. Housed in a carbon fibre casing, the system is furnished with a nose-mounted day/night camera and a GPS/INS/IMU navigation assembly. Terminal guidance is delivered by an onboard ‘deep learning and machine vision’ system.


Defence and security technology company KWESST Micro Systems has signed an ‘amended and restated license agreement’ with AerialX Drone Solutions for counter-drone technology. In October 2019 KWESST signed a non-exclusive worldwide license with AerialX and has now gained exclusive rights to the technology for US and Canadian militaries. The product which is based on the licensed technology is being marketed under the name GreyGhost and is an autonomous soldier-portable micro drone missile system that defends against small hostile drones including swarms using high-speed kinetic impact.
Under the agreement, KWESST’s also retains its non-exclusive worldwide rights. KWESST has agreed to issue AerialX 100,000 shares of KWESST in consideration of the new exclusive rights and an additional 100,000 shares of KWESST upon AerialX meeting certain technological milestones.

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