Advanced Radar Technologies

Drone Sentinel
Type of C-UAS

ART Drone Sentinel is a high performance anti drone and sUAS integrated surveillance system. ART Midrange, a radar sensor, has been optimized for very low radar cross section airborne threat detection and tracking. The early detection, warning and tracking functionality provided by the radar is complemented by an optronic platform that features day and night classification capabilities. Both sensors are integrated in the same physical assembly that can be fast and conveniently deployed using a single mast. ART Drone Sentinel also includes an intuitive GIS-powered multi-sensor command and control software suite that provides a common operative picture for unsurpassed airspace situational awareness. The widespread availability of low cost fully automatic micro drones has redefined the security risks of critical infrastructures, national borders and military bases.

ART Drone Sentinel is a single mast solution that provides round the clock, 360 degrees anti-drone surveillance with what the company says is the fastest update rate in the market (1 Hz). ART Drone Sentinel performance has been experimentally validated with representative targets under the supervision of a key European end-user. ART Drone Sentinel detects, tracks and classifies micro quadcopters and micro fixed-wing UAVs with radar cross sections below 0.005 m2 at 2000 meter range. In addition, the system can provide simultaneous ground based target detection & tracking. Designed to improve the efficiency of its end users. ART Drone Sentinel features fully automatic operation (suitable for non-trained operators), remote management and is cost effective both for large and small scale deployments.

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