U-ELCOME research partners select medical delivery routes to demonstrate AAM in Milan

SEA Aeroporti di Milano, Municipality of Varese and ASST Sette Laghi signed a letter of intent to demonstrate the transport of medical material from Milan Malpensa airport to the Circolo Hospital later this year using drones, travelling over densely populated areas, according to an article published by the Verese Informa newspaper.

The partners say the use of these drones would facilitate deliveries in a reliable and sustainable manner, allowing travel times to be optimised and energy consumption reduced. The initiative is part of the European project U-ELCOME (U-space European COMmon dEpLoyment), co-financed by the CEF program (The Connecting Europe facility).

The next steps include identifying and creating the landing/take-off and support sites for flight operations; selecting the types of medicines suitable for transport by drones; and in-depth analysis of issues relating to authorizations and any regulatory adjustments. The partners aims to involve local communities in the initiative, to share information on the purpose, benefits and social usefulness of the project, among the first of this type in Italy, says Verese Informa.

The signing of the agreement also provides for collaboration on the Vertiporti Lombardy Masterplan Project. This initiative promotes the development of advanced air mobility in the Varese and Lombardy areas, identifying suitable sites for infrastructure development and studying demand for UAM and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) services in the Varese  area, says Verese Informa.

(Image: Verese Informa)

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