Drone Delivery Canada and Halton Healthcare to deliver medical supplies by drone

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) has entered into an agreement with Halton Healthcare to deploy DDC’s patented drone delivery solution to establish a new two way transportation link from Milton District Hospital to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. This bidirectional route will facilitate the exchange of medical supplies and samples between the two hospitals to improve the efficiency of overall healthcare operations, says the press release.

The CAD50,000 contract will run for a 6-month duration and include 26 flights between the two hospitals. The Canary RPA will be used for this project marking it the first official commercial route for the Canary RPA. The Canary will carry a variety of critical medical supplies between the two hospitals including but not limited to blood and serum chemistry tests, blood bank materials, urine cultures, small cytology containers with formalin and blood culture bottles.

To further optimize efficiency, DDC will make use of the existing heliport at Milton District Hospital, by reconfiguring DDC’s DroneSpot technology and infrastructure to work with the heliport. This is a testament to our commitment to using existing resources wherever possible to improve healthcare logistics.

According to DDC, this next phase of RPAS use in the healthcare segment will build on the success of the several projects DDC has completed within the healthcare industry and demonstrate the healthcare industry’s ability to leverage drone technology for the benefit of patients and medical professionals alike.

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