SESAR BURDI consortium publishes initial U-space Conops U-space design for Belgian airspace

The SESAR BeNe U-space reference design implemenation (BURDI) research project has published an initial concept of operations (Conops). This first version will be revised considering outcomes and experiences all along the project.

The BURDI project aims to develop a reference design implementation for U-space in the Belgian airspace.

The Conops in intended to translate the EU regulations into working methods for all to understand what to expect and how to interact within the framework of the BURDI project. It specifically considers the role of Common Information Service Providers (CISP), and U-space Service Providers (USSP), as newly created entities ensuring that safety and security levels are met, enabling UAS operators to focus on the tasks at hand. The different roles and responsibilities are to be made well clear for the eco-system participants to know how to interact with each other.

The Belgium-Netherlands U-space Reference Design Implementation (BURDI) project aims to:

  • implement a U-space airspace concept able to manage various, dense and complex UAS operations in controlled, uncontrolled and UAM environment
  • make this implementation a reference to develop best practices, standardisation, harmonisation and/or interoperability requirements fostering operational deployment of U-space airspaces in Europe
  • ensure that solutions to be deployed are economically sustainable and socially acceptable/supported for the benefit of the general public

BURDI project will be implemented around cities of Antwerp, Liège and Brussels where the proximity of international Airports, an active maritime Port and the proximity of the border with The Netherlands are considered as a relevant factors of development for UAS operations in multiple domains like delivery of goods, inspections, support to medical as well as security operations.

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