New functionalities added to AirShare Pilot Web

New Zealand uncrewed traffic management provider AirShare has updated its Pilot website to include new functions such as alerts of nearby flights activated by other pilots, visibility of map layers, and hours of service at Airways’ control towers.

Drone pilots with an activated flight will now receive an alert when another flight activates nearby. Clicking on that alert will take the pilot to their active flight and open the panel with the nearby activated flight. In addition, an improvement to the nearby and overlapping flights function enables pilots to find out more information about the function of nearby and overlapping flights.

The web update also allows drone pilots to view service hours at New Zealand ANSP Airways’ control towers. Not all Airways control towers are on watch at all times. In Pilot Web, users can view the schedule from the Advisories list modal using the pin, by clicking on any control zone on the map. A future AirShare Pilot app enhancement will show users exactly when a tower is on or off watch.

As part of the update, drone pilots are now able to re-request a digital activation request that has expired after five minutes. Meanwhile, a flight authorisation cancel feature allows ATCs to cancel a flight plan to a pilot for a specific flight. This feature is designed to streamline communication between Airspace Managers and pilots during an activated flight.

Pilot Web also has a new method to select map styles and now displays a button to enable drone pilots to show and hide different map layers –  this currently contains ground advisories and NOTAMS.

When adding an uncrewed aircraft (UA), users will have the option to add default altitude and emergency procedures on that UA which will flow through to their flight request page.

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