Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

In October 2019 Thales announced a new integrated drone countermeasures solution to protect and secure sensitive sites such as airports, sports arenas, critical infrastructure and large-scale events in urban areas. EagleSHIELD is a multi-sensor solution that detects, identifies, classifies and neutralises rogue drones flying at low altitude at ranges of up to 7 km. The 360deg airspace surveillance coverage is provided by the Gamekeeper holographic radar developed by Aveillant. Complementing the radar, infrared and radiofrequency sensors refine the system’s threat identification and classification performance, using real-time data fusion techniques to determine the exact type of unmanned aircraft involved. EagleSHIELD displays real-time information in a cohesive view of the airspace.

Horus Shield offers numerous information to the user on a single screen; and a capacity to integrate sensors from different manufacturers. The Thales Horus-Shield anti-drone system has been deployed for more than three years in different customers monitoring critical infrastructures both in urbanized areas with disadvantaged populations and hostile groups with high technological level, as well as being used in the protection of major sporting events.

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