Ground Observer
Type of C-UAS

The Ground Observer 20 Multi-Mission (GO20 MM) is a single mode multi-mission radar for continuous 360° 3D detection, tracking and automatic classification of the full threat spectrum. it is designed for simultaneous ground and low-level air surveillance, providing early UAV detection, in particular of micro-drones.

The radar surveys a large volume in 3D, with fast update rates, enabling early detection and automatic classification of long-range drones when they are not yet a threat, providing opportunity for C-UAV measures.

Through an HMI Venus interface, operators can recognize and asses if and what counter strategy to adopt. In complex scenarios such as asymmetric conflicts or high-density combat, the ability to classify automatically and quickly to get a fast situation picture provides tactical advantage.

Compact and modular, the GO20 MM is designed to be easily transportable and deployable. In 5 minutes, two soldiers can set it up and quickly redeploy for a new mission, whether on a mast or for off-board operations.

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