T.react CIP
Type of C-UAS

The T.react CIP counter drone solution is based on the company’s wide area perimeter solution which utilizes intelligent detection sensors, cameras, data fusion and AI technology. This is designed to provide a coherent situational awareness picture assisting the operator in countering the threat.

Detect: T.react CIP detects drones by utilising a specially designed radar from the SCANTER product line, offering 360 degrees surveillance capability. Equally, the detection may be complemented by using other radar types and detection technologies. The T.react CIP system analyses input from the sensors and presents this to the operator on the screens in a simplistic and easy to understand way.

Track: T.react CIP is designed to automatically track the drone and present its three dimensional position and track history on the operator display. The solution can handle any number of drones simultaneously and depending on the severity level determined by the operator, the system will automatically assign one or more cameras to an event allowing the operator to get a visual confirmation of the intrusion.

Identify: T.react CIP uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and complex pattern recognition to sort the data collected by the radar, thermal sensors, and cameras. T.react CIP is designed to intelligently sort regular activities from abnormal ones to focus only on illegal activities, suspicious behaviour, unauthorized perimeter breaches, and airborne security threats like drones.

Defeat: T.react CIP counter drone can interface to different types of counter measures ranges which assist the operator to counter the threat. Soft kill to hard kill and GPS jamming.

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