TeleRadio Engineering

SkyDroner 1000 / SkyDroner 500
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

SkyDroner is an anti-drone surveillance system designed to detect, distract and disable any anonymous drone from flying into a protected area. It consists of multiple sensors to monitor the range of radio signals and identify the different characteristics of a drone's signature, distracts the drone by taking over the command and control frequencies and can immobilise it in an emergency. The variants are: SkyDroner 500, designed for urban installation with a detection range of up to 500m. Applications include building surveillance in a city environment. SkyDroner 500 can be deployed at the rooftop to provide 24 hours monitoring of surrounding drone activities; and SkyDroner 1000 which has a detection range up to 1000m. It is designed to perform long-range surveillance of drone activities in a desert environment. The system is built to meet IP65 standard and operated up to 60 degrees with minimum maintenance.

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