Anti-drone active and passive systems, DroneLock
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM, intercept drone.

SKYLOCK provides early detection, long range protection of up to 20km of large objects or 3.5km and neutralization of unauthorized drones up to 2.5km. The company’s integrated systems provide the option of passive, selective and active solutions for multiple applications and have already been deployed in several countries.

The suite of systems comprises:
• A radar system. The outer layer of protection is provided by a rotating radar that detects all drones flying in proximity to the defined no-flight zone. The lightweight, portable radar system defines the range, azimuth, elevation and velocity measurements for up to 200 targets simultaneously, including miniature UAV’s characterized by a small signature with a low speed and altitude.
• E0/IR tracker. The electromechanical modular electro-optical system provides day and night observation, detection, recognition and identification of the drone up to 2.5km depending on the weather conditions and target. The system’s EO/IR trackers thermal imaging and daytime camera provides the control room with a precise location and clear images of the drone.
• The RF jammer. This comprises of several jamming antennas- a standard configuration of 3-5 antennas and 2-4 antennas are used to jam the frequency range of the RC and video links which are mounted on the EO system gimbal and aligned with the EO sensors line of sight. The operator is able to neutralize the drone, forcing it away, or grounding the drone at its current location. It is especially useful for urban surroundings, where radar line of sight may be blocked by obstacles. The RF jammer has “on the move” mode.
• The D360 reactive detection system This is triggered by the RF’s continuous aerial scanning of most common civilian drone’s remote controls. Effective coverage of detection up to 2km, 360°
• Laser burner. The operator has the ability to destroy the drone using the systems high powered, accurate laser beam that activates a burner system, effectively destroying the drone within a matter of seconds at range of up to 800m.
• Optical tracking. The drone tracker system is based on high end image processing algorithm, the tracker is combined with long range camera systems. The tracker is also used as video encoder with embedded video stabilization capabilities.
• Drone gun. A heavy jammer gun for security teams and first responders to use during fluid, ambiguous, fast- paced encounters. The system allows security teams and law enforcement to efficiently deal with a drone approaching a Forward Operating Base, hovering over a large crowd, snooping into secure/private areas, or flying in restricted airspace. With the Drone Gun the operator has the tools to intercept the drone command link and command the drone to descend or go home.

At the 2018 Eurosatory event Skylock launched its three-in-one anti-drone system that can neutralize a drone from 800m. The first layer is a radar which has a reported detection range of up to 20km for large objects, 10km for medium-sized drones and 5.3 km for small UASs. The second layer includes a thermal camera and tracker. The third layer is a suite of anti-drone systems including a radio frequency jamming system or, for close-in operations, a laser with a 800m range.

In early 2021 SkyLock reported it had developed a hard kill system against swarms of drones. According to Asaf Lebovitz, VP of sales, the DroneLock system can work with or without radar. If a radar is used to detect incoming drones the coordinates are transferred to a network of small killer drones that are launched in preprogrammed numbers – between one and 20. Each SkyLock killer drone weighs 960 grams and can operate at a maximum range of 4km and an altitude of 4km.

The cruise speed of the killer drone is 150-200km/h. Each unit is equipped with an optical 4K sensor that can work in day and low light conditions. According to the company, the sensor can detect a drone from a range of up to 400 meters.

In early 2022 the company launched Sky-Inteceptor, based on five patent pending technologies that enable detection, tracking and kinetic mitigation of small UAVs using a high persistence countermeasure cloud, according to the manufacturer. Sky-Interceptor is designed to improve the ability to defeat small, incoming UAV threats, under all conditions, by disabling their propulsion system.

Skylock says the system is safe to operate in urban environments, enables greater range and has no collateral damage. It is effective against evasive manoeuvres and swarms, provides simplified logistics, and is lower cost than conventional kinetic or electronic warfare approaches.

At Eurosatory 2022 Skylock displayed its GPS spoofing solution effective against all UAS platforms equipped with GNSS receivers,” said a company press release. “The ultimate “on the move” protection, the spoofer creates an effective “no fly zone” of up to 3km and 7- 10 Km of directional spoofing – protecting against fixed wing UAVs at a longer distance.

“With an independent interface, the spoofer integrates with other external systems and can be easily incorporated, added to, and combined with other C-UAS and detection solutions. Once a threat is detected, the Spoofer immediately goes into action to eliminate the threat. With two modes of operation, the operator can choose whether to take manual action or predefine an automated response based on the threat analysis. The Spoofer has already successfully proven its operational capabilities in the field and is currently used by one of the world most experienced militaries.


Skylock Anti-Drone Systems has formed a strategic partnership with Mexican security technology company GBSolution to offer ant-drone solutions to government agencies as well as private initiatives in Mexico. The two companies will collaborate to provide counter drone solutions for civil and military applications throughout the country.

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