Sentry View Systems

Sentry Nexus, Fixed Detection Platform, Urban Mobile Detection Platform
Type of C-UAS

Over the past several years, SVS has developed the Sentry Nexus C2 software and edge-based hardware solutions for situational awareness within the critical infrastructure and counter-UAS markets.

Sentry Nexus is a command and control system that provides users with the ability to interact with and gather data from commercially available monitoring and mitigation devices such as radars, visual reconnaissance devices and effectors. Information is up-to-date and shared quickly to users to provide advanced situational awareness (SA) and improved intelligence. The system can be deployed in a command and control centre, laptops or ruggedised tablets and devices. Sentry Nexus provides the real time situational awareness necessary to make informed decisions and has the capability to automate action on targets or within the system based on pre-determined, user-configured rules in the software. The intuitive graphical interface displays data collected in real-time from each platform deployed. Nexus features a satellite map with embedded data that includes targets identified by the radar, the radius of target detection, and a cone to indicate target mitigation range.

The Sentry View Systems Fixed Detection Platform offers the end user a scalable approach for their mission and budget. The is a platform with the ability to add a variety of sensor options without having to purchase a new platform as technology changes or becomes readily available. The Urban Mobile Detection Platform is a self powered platform which can host radar, passive RF detection, directional and Omnidirectional RF jamming capabilities, PTZ camera etc

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