Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

AIRFENCE has been designed with over three years of military testing with real world tactical scenarios. At its core, it can automatically detect, locate, track and take over UAV controls all on full auto. In addition, AIRFENCE can locate the operator with pin point accuracy in real time.

How it works:
• RF Detection - Software defined radios that can detect UAVs
• High Range of Detection - 6 mile (10km) range with a single AIRFENCE unit
• Alarm System - Custom configuration to enable early warning and critical warning notifications in real time
• Easy to Scale - Scale horizontally by simply adding more units
• Triangulation - AIRFENCE uses triangulation as an additional method to detect UAVs
• Manual or Automated Response - AIRFENCE can be preprogrammed to run on full auto, or can be configured to “take action” manually
• Mobile Notifications - Configure AIRFENCE to send mobile push notifications when UAVs are detected
• Over-the-Air Updates - Real time software updates allow the system to continuously adapt to evolving threats
• MAPS-AIRFENCE is capable of showing the real time location of the detected UAV’s on a map. Sensofusion maps can be configured for offline access.

In September 2018 Sensofusion launched AIRFENCE 6.0, which can now target individual UAS’, regardless of what frequency band they hop to when counter-attacking.

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