Type of C-UAS

At Eurosatory 2018 Patria launched its MUSCL (Multi-Static Coherent Location) passive sensor drone detection system. According to the company: “Passive sensor systems do not transmit signals themselves, but use radio signals transmitted or reflected by the targets. Because passive systems are extremely difficult to detect and small in size, they actually perform better than active radars in various surveillance tasks… MUSCL offers a modular and highly mobile passive air surveillance system. Its range extends to several hundreds of kilometers with a 360-degree directional coverage, and it can track more than 100 objects simultaneously. MUSCL’s operating principle allows it to detect small and low flying targets, and to pick up stealth targets even better than active radar systems. The MUSCL system is mainly designed for air surveillance by governmental authorities, but it can also be used to protect critical infrastructure, such as nuclear power plants, and major sporting events.”

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