My Defence

Watchdog, Wolfpack, Wingman, Pitbull, KNOX
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

MyDefence products detect and counter commercially available drones (LSS – Low, Slow, Small), by integrating sensors and deterrents. The information is passed through the meshed network and display alerts in any command and control (C2) system (i.e. ATAK) MyDefence “Watchdog” networked sensor offers long range detection for i.e. perimeter protection and the “Wolfpack” is a 360 degree directional detection sensor for point defence and rapid deployment protection. The WINGMAN is a small handheld (wearable) drone detector. The WINGMAN works as a stand-alone product, and can optionally interface with other radios for information relay. The WINGMAN is claimed to be the smallest UAS detector on the market. The PITBULL is the intelligent response to the LSS (Low, Slow, Small) drone as it is an automated response to the threat. Through the intelligent server solution IRIS, the company has developed a system which detect and counter commercially available drones, by integrating sensors and deterrents from MyDefence and others. It display alerts on the graphical user interface and is able to integrate in to any system architecture. The KNOX alarm sounds when an unknown drone is detected in the area of interest. Additionally, KNOX is able to detect and identify drones and protect the area by disturbing the device communication at the precise wireless frequency of the drone without interfering with other mobile signals.

In late 2018 MyDefence announced the launch of its drone swarm jamming capability, demonstrated at Electric Storm. During the event, five drone operators attempted to execute a coordinated drone attack. The coordinated attack was effectively neutralized using the MyDefence PITBULL Counter UAS jammer, and all drone operators lost control of their drones, says the company. The device is wearable and weighs only 775 grams. Used in conjunction with the WINGMAN drone detector, the PITBULL can automatically jam drone signals, when a drone is detected, says MyDefence. This reduces the cognitive load of the operator, allowing the soldier to focus on the mission, without worrying about enemy drones.

Product features
• Wearable Counter UAS jammer
• Ultra-light form factor with a weight of only 775 grams (w/o battery)
• Up to 20 hours standby battery time and 2 hours of continuous jamming
• Both automated and manual jamming modes
• Jamming range of 1,000 meters1
• Average power output is 2W
• Software is programmable

In February 2019 MyDefence announced a new version of its KNOX C-UAS syste, aimed at protecting large scale civil and military areas against the threat of drones.

According to the company: “It is a customizable end-to-end anti-drone solution with purpose-built RF sensors, drone radars, and integrated EO/IR for visual tracking. KNOX is now available for commercial use at airports, prisons, critical infrastructure as well as for military use for base security. The KNOX anti-drone solution fortifies an area against unauthorized drone flights, providing both passive detection and active defeat solutions to neutralize any small drones in the secured airspace. The anti-drone system includes RF sensors to detect and ultimately defeat drone threats. For military customers, we supply reactive smart jamming effectors – a next generation jamming technology with the least possible impact on other radio communication. Other sensor technology includes purpose-built drone radars that track the location of drones as well as integrated EO/IR for visual tracking in real-time. The combination of sensor technologies complements each other to provide the best possible protection against unauthorized drones.”

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