MBDA Deutschland

High-Energy Laser Weapon System
Type of C-UAS
Directed energy

Precise and scalable laser weapon systems designed to protect major events and critical infrastructures. Effective against a range of threats, including mini-UAVs proven in a series demonstrations and tests from target acquisition, engagement and destruction at distances of up to 2km. MBDA is examining laser-armament options for naval and air applications as well as ground-based mobile laser effector concepts with capacities in excess of 100kW, 360-degree coverage and open system architecture for close and intermediate-range protection against micro UAVs and RAM (rocket and mortar) targets. MBDA says it can provide full system solutions complementing conventional weapon systems with laser effectors. The company claims: ultra-high-performance density from one effector; precise fine tracking and multi-stage control; proof of system’s ability to engage highly agile targets and a future-proof principle. Advantages for military application include avoidance of collateral damage caused by fragmenting ammunition and low logistics overhead and minimum costs per firing.

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