Falcon Shield
Type of C-UAS

Falcon Shield provides users with a multi-spectral threat sensing capability and, through the integration of an electronic attack capability, a multi-layered threat response. This response introduces a capability to take control of a remotely-piloted drone and land it safely (a command-link control intervention capability) prior to the need to defeat the threat by simple jamming or kinetic solutions. Consequently, the potential for undesired collateral effects is greatly minimised. Falcon Shield is derived from Selex (now Leonardo) ES’s heritage associated with the provision of short-range defence solutions against a variety of airborne threats. Falcon Shield makes use of Selex ES’s high-performance, passive electro-optical and electronic surveillance sensors, combined with scenario specific radar. These provide a fully integrated threat detection, identification and tracking capability which enables Falcon Shield to operate in environments that range from wide area through to high-clutter, ‘urban canyons’. Incorporated within the Falcon Shield system is Selex ES’s electronic attack capability that provides users with the ability to disrupt or take control of the threat. Because Falcon Shield is inherently flexible, this electronic attack capability can be complemented by the integration of additional, optional kinetic effectors. Ease of use is provided through use of the Selex ES Vantage Command, Control & Situation Awareness (C2SA) framework. This delivers an intuitive user interface and automated threat detection & tracking functions, including automated handover between detection and identification sensors.

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