Covert, portable DJ500C drone jammer, portable Terminator 3000 jammer, fixed DJ500F jammer
Type of C-UAS
Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)

K9 Electronics provides a range of drone jamming systems. Its covert portable drone jamming system (DJ500C) is fully enclosed and operational from its waterproof, shockproof enclosure. The DJ500C designed for covert use against commercial and domestic UAV drones used to spy on or take illegal images and videos. By simply pointing the DV500C towards the drone, the drone will be immediately disconnected from its users control transmitter forcing it to land. The portable Terminator 3000 drone jammer gun is a high power, full frequency jamming system designed to jam all remote control frequencies used by modern drones and UAV’s. The system also has the capability to disrupt satellite navigation frequencies used by drones and UAV’s in flight. The fixed site drone jamming system DJ500F can be used to protect areas from commercial spy drones and UAV’s snooping, taking pictures and streaming video. The DJ500F can disable the communications link between the drone operators transmitter and receiver thus forcing the drone to land or return to it origin, dependent on how its programmed. Using the GPS option on the DJ500P the drone will become lost and therefore forced to land. The DJ500F can be installed on top of most buildings including factories, warehouses, apartment blocks, and houses. With special fixtures the system can be installed on yachts.

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