Indra Sistemas

ARMS (Anti RPAS Multisensor System) family
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

The ARMS family from Indra is a field proven solution for the protection of any kind of infrastructures from the threats posed by drones. The system has been designed to cope with the smallest targets (<0,01 sqm RCS) and is able to detect single intruders or swarm strategies. Its multi-sensor technology (radar, EOS, RF analysis, RDF, Jamming/Spoofing) combined with an easy-to-use, rule-engine based C4ISR core, provides a modular, scalable solution that can be tailored to the particular needs of any infrastructure. ARMS entry level is “an affordable, self-packaged solution suitable for small areas or single buildings. The family grows up to multi-site deployments where multi-sensor data fusion provides a unique situational awareness picture that can be integrated into existing C4I systems. Drone neutralization is done through time, frequency, space, and power selective Jamming/Spoofing, to defeat the threat with minimum interference in the surrounding RF systems.

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