Counter UAS system
Type of C-UAS

Gradiant's technology aims to address traditional surveillance limitations using a solution based on the fusion of different sensors. At this moment, the system is working with two complementary technologies: radio frequency (RF) detection and video processing; but the system has been designed to have the opportunity to include new sensors in the fusion layer to increase the probability of detection (radar, acoustic, etc). This system is not only capable of detect, identify and locate the drone attacks but also neutralize it. The RF detection module is based on smart spectrum analysis using signal intelligence (SIGINT) techniques, which allow the detection and identification of the signals exchanged by the UAV and the ground station.

This solution does not only locate the UAV but it also locates the ground station. The video processing module is based on commercial-of-the-self (COTS) both visible and infrared cameras and a video processing smart software tool for UAV detection and location. It is important to highlight that both systems are passive, this feature has some advantages as: it cannot be detected by the attacker, it does not generate electromagnetic pollution, and the power consumption is low compared with active solutions like radar, so it is feasible to board it into mobile units and powered with battery.

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