Notify Threat Intelligence
Type of C-UAS

In June 2020 DroneSec released a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for the drone, counter-drone, and UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system industries. The DroneSec Notify Threat Intelligence system combines traditional human threat intelligence gathering with machine learning and big data to deliver customised alerts alongside in-depth analysis reports. According to the DroneSec press release, the platform offers a searchable artefact database supported by a knowledgebase of whitepapers and industry reports. The platform receives updates daily from over 100 sources, curated and analysed by a team of drone security experts with backgrounds in cyber security, intelligence, and defence. DroneSec Notify is already utilised by organisations across the world operating in the drone space. Notify’s tracking engine combines Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques with DroneSec’s proprietary tracking software to enable operators to monitor locations for drone activity even if a physical counter-drone system is not in place. For prisons, airports or stadiums where defeating drone systems may not be regulatory approved, Notify combines Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with field-tested mitigation strategies.

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