Harrier/Drone Watcher
Type of C-UAS

DeTect is a leader in advanced bird radar technologies for real-time aircraft birdstrike avoidance, wind energy bird mortality risk assessment and mitigation, and industrial bird control with over 140 of its MERLIN bird radars operating in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia. The radar processing technology in MERLIN, developed specifically for reliable detection and tracking of small, non-cooperative, low radar-cross section, non-linearly moving targets, is also used in DeTect's HARRIER Security and Surveillance Radar for airspace and marine security applications including drone and UAV detection and defence, Ground Based Sense-and-Avoid (GBSAA) and virtual air traffic control. In 2012. In 2016, DeTect has expanded its drone surveillance capabilities with the launch of its DroneWatcher system that includes an Android application, DroneWatcher APP, that makes a smartphone or tablet into a short range drone detector. DroneWatcher also includes an advanced radiofrequency (RF) sensor, DroneWatcher RF, for longer range detection, tracking, identification and interdiction of drones and small UAVs. Combined, the HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar and DroneWatcher APP and RF provide a high level of multi-layer comprehensive, multi-layer drone defence.

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