Counter UAS system
Type of C-UAS
Integrated systems

Detector, ECM.

The Cerbair system, fixed or mobile, combines several Radio Frequency and Optical sensors in order to adapt the solution to the level of risk, site configuration and budget. Detection characteristics: Sensor frequencies detected - 2,4GHz / 5 GHz; range up to 3km; detection angle: 90°; Ethernet connection / POE. Video sensor: High resolution: 5MP; Range up to 150m; Detection angle: 90°; Near-infrared at night; Ethernet Connection / POE. Visualizing drone intrusions in real time is possible thanks to powerful algorithms: Detection rate: 90%; Optical real-time tracking of the drone flightpath; Evidence collection (HD picture, video recording of the intrusion); Drone model recognition; Simplified integration on existing system via API. Threat resolution: Alerts configured for a rapid and adapted intervention (visual, sound, text message etc…) - Passive actions: evacuate people to a safe place, interrupt a conversation, search the site, block the drone's line of sight etc; Counter-measures to neutralize the drone by forcing its landing: jamming (flight commands and geolocation) or capturing it with a net thrower.

MEDUSA is a smart counter measure that delivers a proportionate response to a drone attack, whether it is an isolated UAV or a swarm, says the company. It can be used in conjunction with Cerbair’s HYDRA detection unput that allows the counter measure to reduce its collateral interferences. The jammers are configured in 15W (MEDUSA 100) and 50W (MEDUSA 200) with spectrum extension available by adding low frequency ranges on which several rarer drones can operate.

MEDUSA 100 and MEDUSA 200 offer an omnidirectional neutralisation solution that triggers the emergency procedure of rogue drones, often leading to their immediate landing. The equipment can be supplied with a wheeled transport case, a tripod and antenna mounting.

The range is 2.4 and 5.8GHZ and L1 band; 433, 868, and 915 MHz, and L2 optional.


Cerbair and C-UAS market intelligence company DroneSec signed a partnership in August 2021 through which CERBAIR will provide its customers with weekly information in French, English, and Arabic on developing threats identified by DroneSec.

In early 2022 Cerbair and French electromagnetic interference specialist KEAS won a contract for “the acquisition and maintenance of a solution for the detection, characterization and neutralization of drones (DCND) in penitentiary establishments located in metropolitan France metropolitan and overseas”.

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