Updated EUSCG UAS/U-Space standardisation roadmap planned for end of June 2020

The next version of the Rolling Development Plan (RDP) for implementing UAS standards under development by the European UAS Standards Coordination Group (EUSCG) is planned for publication at the end of June 2020.

The EUSCG is a joint coordination and advisory group established to coordinate the UAS-related standardisation activities across Europe – covering yhe whole spectrum of UAS and operations, including U-Space – stemming from European Union regulations and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rulemaking initiatives. The EUSCG provides a link to bridge the European activities to those at international level.

This will be version five of the RDP, based on the standardisation roadmap developed by EASA and other organisations and inputs from the EUSCG members (including the military).

According to the EUSCG website:

“The RDP is progressively updated to reflect the current situation. It also provides a method for the identification and discussion of overlaps and gaps, and as a basis for feedback to contributing organisations, to improve overall coordination of standards developments. The process should also identify the technical input from other sources (such as ICAO) into the standards plan. To learn more about the RDP and to access its latest version, click here.”

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