U-ELCOME project conducts digital mapping drone flights to support farming

The U-ELCOME project, coordinated by the Eurocontrol Innovation Hub, has recently conducted a series of drone flight trials to support precision farming at Castel Campagnano in Italy.

In a LinkedIn post, Laurent Renou, head of air transport innovation at Eurocontrol, said the flight trials performed digital mapping of the area to identify the portions of vineyards requiring organic phytosanitary treatment and then initiate the treatment on those areas.

“Precision agriculture operations with drones were conducted by TopView as part of the Italian cluster of the U-ELCOME project, led by Italian air navigation services provider ENAV,” Renou said.

“The flight trials were supported by U-space services provided by D-Flight. During the missions, noise measurements were also taken with a dedicated platform provided and managed by CIRA – Italian Aerospace Research Centre. Additionally, human performance was assessed by NAIS using dedicated questionnaires.”

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Images: Eurocontrol

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