Securus selects AeroDefense C-UAS systems to secure Georgia State correctional facilities

Securus Technologies has selected AeroDefense systems’ AirWardenTM Radio-Frequency-based drone and pilot detection, location and alert system for deployment at its correctional facility customer sites.

“Contraband delivery via drones is a threat to both corrections staff and inmate safety,” said a Securus spokesperson. “In response to our customers’ needs to mitigate this threat, we conducted an exhaustive market review of available drone detection technologies and determined AeroDefense‘s RF drone and pilot detection system is the most effective, affordable solution available. Combined with our market-tested Wireless Containment Solution, we offer a thorough deterrent to the introduction of contraband cellphones into the prisons we serve.”

In addition to cellphones, many correctional facilities have experienced drone deliveries of drugs, weapons and other contraband. With AirWarden, corrections security can be alerted to drone and pilot activity. This includes flight tracking and the pilot’s controller location.

Linda Ziemba, AeroDefense founder and CEO commented, “To ensure the AirWarden product was effective, legal and proven before entering the market, over the past two years we focused on developing drone detection technology based on Internet Security techniques. Our team is honored to have the opportunity to work with Securus to operationalize drone detection technology specifically for the unique correctional facilities environment.”

“The AirWarden system is the only system that just worked from the very first demo,” said Georgia’s spokesperson. “The low false alarm rate and location information about a drone and pilot are both extremely valuable.”

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