D-Fend upgrades EnforceAir software to enhance counter drone capabilities

Counter drone company D-Fend has released Version 23.03 of is software for EnforceAir. The latest update is designed to expand threat coverage and extend capabilities, says the company press release. The C-UAS security solution has been upgraded with features including enhanced core drone takeover capabilities and coverage, enhanced Remote ID functionality, new Reporting and Analysis features, and upgraded information sharing for the SAPIENT C-UAS standard.

Cyber detection and mitigation methods and capabilities include:

  • New detection, identification and/or mitigation capabilities for more than 20 additional new drones from leading drone manufacturers.
  • Strengthened and focused coverage on most popular drones with high threat grades.

EnforceAir’s Remote ID capabilities include

  • Support for long range detection, identification and tracking of drones and add-on modules that comply with Remote ID standards of the United States, EU and Japan.
  • Situational awareness upgrade with seamless merger and data enrichment of Remote ID broadcasted data with other drone information.
  • Remote ID data layer now embedded across all EnforceAir products and configurations, including tactical deployment configuration and networked MSC2 system, with real time display, API and analysis and replay capabilities.

EnforceAir’s data analysis capabilities include:

  • New Reporting capabilities to leverage Replay feature.
  • New Drone Activity Overview report, as first in a series of new Reports and Analyses

SAPIENT: EnforceAir now supports information sharing with external C2 systems via SAPIENT, the Sensing for Asset Protection with Integrated Electronic Network Technology standard from the UK MoD.

API Update: EnforceAir’s API has been updated to share more drone information elements across systems in an integrated defense. Additionally, the system APIs will continue to be periodically updated to ensure effective and holistic data sharing with connected, multi-layered C2 systems.

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