Track Manager, Python Simulator, Spyglass™ 3D Radar
Type of C-UAS

Numerica Track Manager provides real-time correlation and fusion of measurement and track data for superior situational awareness in benign and electronic attack environments.
• Integrates all data sources into one track file, minimizing dual tracks, swaps and spurious tracks.
• Supports most radars, including primary and secondary surveillance, 3D air defence and approach radars.
• Easily scales up from one sensor to many sensors and very large track loads.
• High-performance, multi-hypothesis algorithms provide highly accurate, real-time integrated track outputs.
• Adaptable architecture can be expanded through add-on modules that provide enhanced capabilities for diverse missions and use cases.

The company’s Python simulation infrastructure with high fidelity radar models for rapid performance assessment of complicated network-centric tracking systems is an open architecture, distributed discrete event simulation environment used for conducting Monte Carlo simulations of various multi-component systems. Scalable in that it supports parallel computation across multiple processes, cores, and nodes within a computing framework.

Provides the middleware for constructing simulations, including both publish/subscribe and service request/response messaging patterns. Enables simulations to be broken down into the smallest logical components, allowing components can be reused and integrated using minimal interfaces. Supports existing models for DoD radars, tracking components, and truth target generators, to enable various multi-target, multi-sensor, multi-platform tracking studies. Distinguished from other simulators in its lightweight, flexible, interfacing capability. The Python infrastructure allows components in various software languages to be integrated.

According to a company press release, the MIMIR software suite enables users to operate multiple sensors and defeat technologies through an integrated user interface, enabling a faster and more effective response to threats.

The Spyglass™ 3D Radar is designed and manufactured by Numerica Corporation
and is designed to detect ground threats and track small, autonomous, UAS beyond three and a half kilometers with precise measurements to support a range of mitigation techniques. Spyglass™ has been built with embedded C2 and AI software to enable broad-area autonomous sensor networks and seamless integration into layered defence systems.


Liteye and Numerica are jointly marketing C-UAS radars

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